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Classic and Contemporary Photography

Classic, original, negative-based images were captured and processed by Richard in his own darkroom.

These images, referred to as Silver Gelatin prints, were produced using the highest quality materials.

Though his Silver-gelatin collection is vast, each print is limited in quantity.

Classic negative-based images can now be reproduced digitally to the highest levels of archivability with today's best digital printing equipment and archival materials. These digital images are remarkable reproductions of Richard's original photographs. 

             Contemporary images were captured digitally and are reproduced using today's finest state-of-the-art equipment.

Classic, black and white photographs (Silver gelatin), color film-based prints, and digitally reproduced prints are for sale.

For inquiries regarding availability, pricing, and purchase contact Photography by Richard E. Loftis at

"As a photographer you must be prepared at any instant to react to what you see.  The light will never be the same.  It might be better, or more likely not, but never the same."  REL

Richard E. Loftis
January 16, 1938-November 21, 2010

Richard E. Loftis lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on November 21, 2010.  We hope to continue his artistic legacy by sharing his photographic work, his technical genius, the genres that moved him... and in doing so, invoke the emotional connection that his work was meant to inspire.

                            ~Lisa Cox and Angela Hoy

                             Trustees of Richard E. Loftis' Artistic Legacy

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